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Changing mqtt uri prefix

By Nicholas Teo Yong Yeow @nicholastyy_wg182021-07-31 08:09:57.140Z

Currently, I am trying to write an android application that connects to an mqtt broker to subscribe and publish topics. In my research, I've found out that the library I am using (paho mqtt library: only accepts uris that start with 'tcp://' or 'ssl://'. The mqtt uri in the rabbitMQ secret starts with the prefix mqtt:// so I am unable to use it in the application at the moment.

Is there a way to get a uri that starts with 'tcp://'? I have tried just changing the prefix of the existing rabbitMQ uri from mqtt to tcp, but that ends up with the application crashing.

Thank you

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  1. Y
    Yien Liu @Yien_Liu2021-08-02 02:18:30.542Z

    According to the documentation you provide, the format of URIs should be like this:


    And the host should be the "host" in the rabbitMQ secret, e.g

    So the full URI should be tcp://

    1. N

      Hi, I tried that but I get a new set of errors.

      I'm not sure why this is happening, because when I tried it with a difference public broker ( it worked perfectly fine.

      ^These are the 4 links that the error message leads to

      1. Oh, and I tried with with both the normal host and external host. Thats why there's a 'pub' in the rabbitmq uri