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Webaccess recipe display in dashboard

By ciwa doank @ciwa_doank2021-08-29 18:19:54.223Z

I want to display the webaccess recipe to wise-paas dashbord, is it possible?

Best regards,


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  1. S
    @sk_chen2021-09-01 03:07:39.568Z

    Hi ciwa

    Yes, as long as you configure the data in webaccess first, and then connect to the datahub through credentinal, it is recommended that you pass WISE-PaaS certification before you have a basic cloud architecture

    1. C
      In reply tociwa_doank:
      ciwa doank @ciwa_doank2021-09-01 03:20:21.758Z

      Hi Chen,
      I already create recipes in webaccess but how to configure in wise-paas dashboard? Any example or application note?

      Best Regards,


      1. S@sk_chen2021-09-01 04:02:24.018Z
        1. Cciwa doank @ciwa_doank2021-09-01 04:57:23.134Z

          Hi Chen,
          I am using local wise-paas dashboard which webaccess built-in. There is no datahub available only datasource. For tag logging I used default datasource and I can see tag list but for recipe I dont know the datasource. Where is webaccess recipe db stored?

          Best Regards,


          1. YYien Liu @Yien_Liu2021-09-01 05:36:38.174Z

            Hi Ciwa,

            Since this forum is mainly for the cloud version of WISE-PaaS/Dashboard, so this question I'll help you to transfer to the Web Access support team.
            Can you mail me your questions and maybe provide screenshots of your web access recipe settings, to help the support team figure out your questions.
            My mail: