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Get started 新手上路

    2021-09-23 07:07:53.334Z2021-09-28 02:58:50.228Z

    If you are first time here, there are some tips for you to start your journey in WISE-PaaS Community!


    Please follow these steps in order to register:

    1. Click “Join” at the top right of the page
    2. Click “Advantech”
    3. If you have an Advantech account, enter your Email address and Password to log in. If you do not have an Advantech account, click “ Sign Up Today” to create your Advantech account and follow the instruction to finish sing up.

    Once you are ready, next you can …

    Ask Questions

    1. Click the “Ask a Question” button at the top of the topics list
    2. Write down your questions and type a title
    3. Select category and topic type
      Selecting the right category will help you get an answer to your question faster by helping other members and expertise to more easily find your question.
    4. Click " Post question".

    Now…Submit your first question!

    如果您是第一次來到這, 下方的教學讓您可以快速開始加入我們WISE-PaaS 的討論!



    1. 點擊畫面右上方的 “Join”。
    2. 點擊 “Advantech”。
    3. 如果你已經有Advantech帳號, 請輸入您的信箱與密碼登入;如果您沒有Advantech帳號,請點擊 “Sign Up Today”創建帳號, 並按照指示完成註冊。

    帳號準備就緒之後, 接下來你可以…


    1. 點擊文章列表右上方的 “Ask a Question”
    2. 寫下您的問題以及輸入問題標題
    3. 選擇類別(category)和話題類型(topic type)
    4. 點擊 post question.

    看完了上方教學, 現在 , 就提交你的第一則問題!

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