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FAQ: Work-arounds to connect to Shared Database Services from public network

By @wisepaas.training2020-05-29 03:39:54.658Z2020-08-21 05:34:01.840Z


If user subscribes to Shared Database Services and can't use an external management tool to connect to the DataBase,
In addition to subscribing to Dedicated Database Services, you can also refer to the following two Github examples:

The above two projects provide alternative solutions that can be accessed from the outside and can connect to Shared Database Services.


如果用戶訂閱 Shared Database Services 而無法使用外部管理工具連接 DataBase ,
除了訂閱 Dedicated Database Services 之外,亦可以參考以下兩個 Github 範例:

以上兩個 project 提供了可從外部訪問,並能連接 Shared Database Services 的替代方案。

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