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FAQ: How to Restart Dashboard App

By Stanley Yeh @adv.stanley2020-06-18 09:42:54.566Z

When the users imported a new plugin in the Dashboard app, they will be prompt to restart the app for the change to take effect.
Here I will describe how to restart the Dashboard app at the time of writing this little tip!

1 ) Locate your Dashboard deployment with kubectl, if no namespace is set with the current-context, be sure to add "-n {namespace name}" at the end of the kubectl command, i.e. kubectl get deploy -n mynamespace:

Dashboard app's deployment name should be "dashboard" once you have found where the Dashboard is deployed, we can restart it in the next step.

2 ) Use this command to restart Dashboard: kubectl rollout restart deployment/{mydashboard} -n {myspace}, where {mydashboard} should be replaced with the deployment name of your Dashboard app, and {myspace} should be replaced with your namespace containing the Dashboard, i.e.:

3 ) Use kubectl get deploy -n {namespace name} to check the ready status of the Dashboard app.

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