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FAQ: MongoDB and PostgreSQL Installation Tips

    2020-07-09 05:52:58.098Z2020-08-21 05:34:25.764Z

    ( EN )

    1. When installing MongoDB, remember to uncheck “install MongoDB Compass”. You don’t need to install MongoDB Compass. Once the MongoDB is installed, you may install the Robo 3T as your database client tool. MongoDB and Robo3T cannot be installed at the same time.

    2. Set up an easy-to-remember password while installing the Postgresql database on your computer. Write down the password after installation if necessary.

    3. Uncheck “pgAdmin” installation option while installing the Postgresql. PgAdmin must be installed separately after the Postgresql installation.

    ( CH )

    1. 安裝 MongoDB 時記得取消勾選 “Install MongoDB Compass’ ,不須安裝MongoDB Compass,並於安裝完MongoDB後,另行獨立安裝 Robo 3T 。

    2. 安裝Postgresql時記得設定一組簡單易記的密碼,並且在安裝完成後寫下來以便查詢。

    3. 安裝 Postgresql 時記得取消勾選 “pgAdmin” ,pgAdmin 必須於安裝完 Postgresql 後,再另行獨立安裝,不可同時安裝。

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