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Node-Red, MQTT connection settings

By @Yong2020-08-23 08:45:08.958Z

Good evening, I'm using WISE-6610 as sensor gateway to receive data from WISE-4610 sensor node. After received the data from the sensor node, i'm trying to use Node-red to establish a MQTT connection by using the RabbitMQ secret provided in the namespace.

May I know which information from the secret shall I provide in the following columns (server, username & password) ?

Thanks in advance !

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  1. S
    @sk_chen2020-08-24 09:17:10.368Z2020-08-24 09:25:18.146Z

    You need to check RabbitMQ in portal-service and get MQTT connection certificate in secret.

    1. Link to portal-service
    2. Select RabbitMQ
    3. Create secret
    4. View secret and get credentials
      • host : External Hosts
      • port : mqtt.port
      • username : mqtt.username
      • password : mqtt.password
    1. Y@Yong2020-08-26 09:17:15.614Z

      Hi, It works on my raspberry pi, but not for the WISE-6610.. Not sure what's the error..

      1. Stanley Yeh @adv.stanley2020-09-23 08:01:24.996Z

        What is the Node-RED version on WISE-6610? Is it the same as RaspberryPi? Also, Do you have any screenshots or error message for us to look into this issue?