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How to share dashboard for public viewing?

By @Tzuyu.Chen2020-08-24 06:30:13.347Z

I have created a dashboard to share with clients who do not have access to WISE-PaaS, but when the clients cannot see data in the panels:

I'm using DataHub datasource, how make data viewable without login to WISE-PaaS?
Solved in post #2, click to view
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  1. @wisepaas.training2020-08-24 06:31:34.798Z

    When configuring SCADA DataHub datasource, the usual way to set it up will use the credential of the current platform user to request data from SCADA DataHub system:

    If we want to make data available to the public, we have to use the "Anonymous" option in the configuration like:

    What this does is to allow the Dashboard to make request using the provided credential, instead of looking for the credential from the current user accessing the Dashboard.

    A recommendation is to create a login account in EnSaaS (management portal) dedicate for making anonymous requests when using Dashboard datasources.