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cannot get the data from the data hub

By tan sou wei @souwei2020-09-10 02:29:12.209Z2020-09-10 02:55:54.650Z

the datahub doesnt show device 1 , i cannot get the data from the data hub.

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  1. M
    @marc_lin2020-09-10 03:54:04.697Z


    Please provide your screenshot and more statement of your situation.


    1. Stan sou wei @souwei2020-09-10 04:05:39.916Z

      here is the problem, thank you

      1. M@marc_lin2020-09-10 05:51:08.700Z2020-09-10 06:00:30.861Z

        @souwei, thank for discovering this issue for us.
        The simulation data for the training course had stopped uploading to the DataHub today.
        We will fix this problem later and notify you here later when it is restored.
        Thank you.

        1. Stan sou wei @souwei2020-09-10 05:53:45.294Z

          ok thank you ya

          1. M@marc_lin2020-09-10 06:58:21.807Z

            @souwei, we have fixed the DataHub!
            Please try it again.

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