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Integrate SigFox Device to the WISE-PaaS Private Cloud

By Aston Nugroho @astonix
    2020-09-21 10:54:47.796Z

    Hello All,

    i want to integrate client device that uses SigFox networks to be connected to the private cloud WISE-PaaS. Is this possible?
    If the client device has an MQTT client or RestAPI service, how to connect to our private WISE-PaaS cloud?
    We use Azure Cloud which is already installed WebAcces and WISE-PaaS.
    Below attached architecture for the refference.


    Solved in post #5, click to view
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    1. Stanley Yeh @adv.stanley
        2020-09-23 08:08:19.008Z

        if your device already supports MQTT, a description on how to obtain WISE-PaaS' MQTT connection details is in SK's reply here:
        Once logged in to WISE-PaaS, you can manage the 'secrets' containing connection information for WISE-PaaS' IoT Hub in the 'Service Portal' page.

        1. AAston Nugroho @astonix
            2020-09-29 06:32:15.260Z

            Hi stanley,

            the device send the data to SigFox backend first, then forward it using API.
            Should i use Datahub also or can be directly forward to the server IP address (Azure) ?
            The data from SigFox backend is in hexadecimal format.
            How to convert this hexadecimal to the integer that can be read by WebAccess/WISE-PaaS?
            Below i attached the POST method from SigFox backend.

            1. Stanley Yeh @adv.stanley
                2020-09-30 10:05:37.526Z

                I'm not sure if I understand the architecture correctly, but it seems to me the goal is to be able to easily create visualization using WISE-PaaS/dashboard. In this case the data needs to sync with DataHub or be stored in a database such as PostgreSQL or MongoDB, which the Dashboard can use built-in plug-ins to easily connect to these data sources.
                Given the above, the options are:

                1. publish the data to IoT Hub via MQTT following DataHub's data format
                2. write an agent using DataHub SDK to send data to DataHub
                3. write a program to get device data and store them in a chosen database

                there could be more options... if you could give me the services that you are planning to use, also the spec of the "RESTful API" service of the device (?) I might be able to give better suggestions.

                1. AAston Nugroho @astonix
                    2020-10-01 05:19:16.160Z2020-10-01 06:11:54.950Z

                    Hi Stanley,

                    Correct, we want to display it to the WISE-PaaS/Dashboard.
                    the SigFox cloud backend have their own message format.
                    They are using API Post method to publish the data to 3rd party platfom, for this case WISE-PaaS/Dashboard.
                    How about using API from WISE-PaaS, is it possible?
                    Attached i sent the SigFox message format documentation and POST method for your refference.

                    Sigfox Device Message Format .pdf (159.77 KiB)