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InsightAPM & Wise-4000

By YIN KAI OOI @ykia
    2020-09-21 10:59:42.502Z

    How can I send the status of the Wise-4000 device to APM portal

    Solved in post #10, click to view
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    1. M
        2020-09-22 07:37:18.222Z

        Please refer to the url below:
        How to upload data to WISE-PaaS via iSensing MQTT

        thank you~

        1. YYIN KAI OOI @ykia
            2020-10-12 02:51:48.030Z

            I may want to upload the WISE-4012 device's data to the datahub. It could be done using mqtt?

            1. M@marc_lin
                2020-10-12 05:53:45.637Z

                Can you provide your datahub version you use?

                1. YYIN KAI OOI @ykia
                    2020-10-12 06:00:08.251Z

                    my datahub version is v-2.0.8

                    1. M@marc_lin
                        2020-10-12 07:17:32.509Z

                        You can refer to the details of the document I posted before.
                        There, the SCADA protal is named as DataHub now.

                        Another relative document published recently:

                        1. In reply toykia:
                            2020-10-12 07:24:46.451Z

                            Just ensure your Datahub version because we suggest using v2.0.6 above to upload the data by iSensing MQTT.

                            1. M@marc_lin
                                2020-10-12 09:21:32.247Z


                                For more information about how to use WISE-4000 series to Cloud WISE-PaaS, Please refer to the documents integration I arrange below:

                                Thank you~

                      • In reply toykia:
                        Stanley Yeh @adv.stanley
                          2020-09-22 08:05:21.408Z

                          A little note, InsightAPM uses DataHub as datasource, so you will need to make sure data from WISE-4000 is sync'ed to your DataHub.

                          1. YYIN KAI OOI @ykia
                              2020-10-12 02:53:25.365Z

                              I got problem sync the WISE-4012 data to DataHub. Any guide?