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WISE-PaaS Technical Resources and Portals 技術支援與平台

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    2020-04-29 01:41:08.288Z2021-09-17 10:07:00.713Z

    Here are several platforms that will help you to get to know WISE-PaaS fully.

    Register and start to learn today!

    下方的相關資源可以讓您快速了解WISE-PaaS. 今天就加入WISE-PaaS團隊一起學習 !

    Technical Documentation : Products Detail Information, User Manual and Developer Guide.
    技術文件(繁中) : 產品細節說明、用戶手冊和開發指南
    技术文件(簡中) : 产品细节说明、用户手册和开发指南

    Training and Certification : WISE-PaaS Knowledge Courses and Certifications:
    培訓課程(繁中) : WISE-PaaS培訓課程與證書
    培训课程(简中) : WISE-PaaS培訓課程與證書

    WISE-PaaS GitHub : WISE-Paas Development Sample Codes / 開發程式碼範例

    If you encounter platform issues or errors, please contact us through Support Ticket. We are here to support you!
    若您遇到 WISE-PaaS 平台
    若您遇到 WISE-PaaS 平台

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