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Kubenertes Forbidden Server error

By tan sou wei @souwei
    2020-09-30 06:49:42.266Z

    Hi, all, i have create docker hub account, then i push static image into it, but when i want to get all using kbs get all, i have server error , forbidden me to access. Can i know why?

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      Stanley Yeh @adv.stanley
        2020-09-30 07:51:47.007Z

        try adding namespace selector at the end, i.e.
        kubectl get all -n level1

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          In reply tosouwei:
            2020-10-05 06:14:28.454Z2020-10-07 08:15:56.014Z

            Hi @souwei,

            We have solved this problem in private.

            Thank you~

            For the public:

            Pre-condition: Have set the config file (Access Key) of the WISE-PaaS training and certification workspace in Kubernetes.
            (How to Set Up KUBECONFIG on Windows:

            Encountering this response, "Error from server (Forbidden): Forbidden to access this resource" by "kubectl get all" command.

            Please check whether you activate EnSaaS resource of the training course or not.
            If not, please activate the EnSaaS resource then apply the command again.

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