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Azure IoT Stream Analytics to WISE-PaaS

By Aston Nugroho @astonix
    2020-10-05 13:07:22.480Z

    Hello all,

    is there any tutorial to connect service from Azure IoT Stream Analytics to WISE-PaaS/Dashboard?
    What kind of data format should we use?

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. M
        2020-10-06 03:16:48.201Z
        1. AAston Nugroho @astonix
            2020-10-19 06:29:22.356Z


            thanks for your suggestion.
            Anyway, we are planning to use IoT Hub + StreamAnalytics from Azure service for parsing SigFox Data, then feed it to Webaccess or WISE-PaaS/Dashboard using JSON plugin.
            Another option is from IoT Hub, the data is feed to postgreSQL then shows in the dashboard using WISE-PaaS.
            Here is the tutorial from azure

            What do you think?

            1. M@marc_lin
                2020-10-20 09:12:46.054Z

                Hi @astonix ,

                It both sounds practicable.
                Here notice you that WebAccess is the SCADA software combining edge device and DataHub in WISE-PaaS (cloud).
                For my opinion, the second option, feed the data form of simple JSON or other plugin in WISE-PaaS/Dashboard, is more simple procedure to implement.

                Thank you~