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How to add services

By Tomasz Tommy @uniqueandshort2020-10-16 13:06:47.322Z


Could anyone help me with adding services to my workspace?
I can't find this option anywhere, what user role is required to do so?

Solved in post #2, click to view
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  1. Stanley Yeh @adv.stanley2020-10-19 01:48:18.200Z

    Which service are you looking for? Usually the ones that show up in the Service Portal are databases and IoT Hub (MQTT broker), and all you need to do is subscribe to them from the EnSaaS Catalog or Marketplace with a 'subscriptionAdmin' role.
    Once subscribed they will be available to your workspace after the deployment is completed.

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    1. UTomasz Tommy @uniqueandshort2020-10-19 10:21:59.484Z

      Thank you Stanley for your answer.
      Since I can't see option to do so I'll contact with my administrator. My role is set to namespaceDeveloper which probably is the main problem here :)
      Have a good day!