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Can not connected to PostgreSQL

By 丁全 洪 @robin_hon2021-03-15 03:23:51.337Z

In Wise-PaaS Core Level III assignment, the database information are below:
Database: ca6dee21-c0c9-4f28-a9ee-6f462fc7bf32
User: 53da6d79-d377-45aa-97b3-1a7d4f0371d4
Password: lmX5O8soHsRlovjlg1BLd4nQs
Schema: ibuilding
SSL Mode: disable

I use Dashboard to setup data sources by the information, but still return "pq: password authentication failed for user "53da6d79-d377-45aa-97b3-1a7d4f0371d4", is it wrong password?

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  1. S
    @sk_chen2021-03-15 06:28:34.963Z

    We can process the screenshot as soon as possible or let us know the URL