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By System @system2021-07-20 02:07:06.099Z
  1. V
    Doan Thang @vanthangdoan1732021-07-20 02:07:06.163Z
    I have a problem with account, please help me!
    1. S@sk_chen2021-07-20 02:21:17.929Z


      Are you a certified registered user? Registered users only have namespace developer permissions, and cannot view the service instance in mp-portal, but they can view it through the terminal. If you want to see the service instance in mp-portal, you need subscription permissions.

      1. VDoan Thang @vanthangdoan1732021-07-20 03:07:38.492Z

        I am a newbie, could you please tell me how to be a certified registered user?
        Thanks a lot.

        1. S@sk_chen2021-07-20 03:14:50.918Z


          What do you want to learn on WISE-PaaS? If it’s not clear, please use the certification page for your reference

          1. VDoan Thang @vanthangdoan1732021-07-20 03:22:24.714Z

            Thanks bro,