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GeneralS02020-08-24 06:16:49.197Z
WISE-PaaS Support Ticket System

If you encounter platform issues or errors, please contact us through Support Ticket. We are here to fully support when you need it most.

General02020-08-21 03:39:32.263Z

要訂閱app的時候沒有subscription name可以選擇 回到管理頁面卻顯示有 請問該如何完成訂閱以及建立namespace給其他人使用? 什麼時候要用MyAdvantech 帳號什麼時候用 Ensaas帳號? 操作的詳細流程(網路上的文章很多已經過期,與現有介面不相符)

GeneralEY22021-05-12 05:30:31.761Z

在我的賬號裡能夠看到有dashboard admin的權限 但是到了dashboard那裡卻只有viewer的權限

WISE-PaaS/DashboardKS212021-05-06 07:15:48.446Z
研華core level: develope level I 的連結石墨文黨無法開啟

研華core level: develope level I 的連結石墨文黨無法開啟

Training and CertificationES242021-05-05 07:11:05.731Z

我們想用Get和Post API的方式去取得資料並顯示在Dashboard上面 response格式為JSON 請問要怎麼做呢?

WISE-PaaS/DashboardMES2M82021-04-27 09:26:49.944Z
sso-frontend-integration(当点击sign in、sign out、和Checek login Status,均不会有对话框弹出,无反应)

您好,请教下,我再做SSO-frontend-integration-k8s-master时,配置完后,当点击sign in、sign out、和Checek login Status,均不会有对话框弹出,重新部署了好几遍,多次检查了main.js代码,均无法弹出对话框,没有任何反应,请问 是怎么回事?还请 帮忙检查下,谢谢

Training and CertificationWS2W32021-03-23 03:01:08.495Z
Can not connected to PostgreSQL

In Wise-PaaS Core Level III assignment, the database information are below: Host: Database: ca6dee21-c0c9-4f28-a9ee-6f462fc7bf32 User: 53da6d79-d377-45aa-97b3-1a7d4f0371d4 Password: lmX5O8soHsRlovjlg1BLd4nQs Schema: ibuilding SSL M...

WISE-PaaS/DB ServicesRS212021-03-15 06:28:34.963Z
Error from server (Internal Error): Fail to check auth

I already active training space in SA datacenter, and type command: $ kubectl get pod then response : Error from server (Internal Error): Fail to check auth I don't know what happened. some information are following: $ kubectl config view apiVersion:...

Training and CertificationRS2R42021-03-09 06:59:13.500Z
請問Singlestat panel如何顯示日期時間格式資料?

請問如何在Singlestat panel顯示 YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss 日期格式的資料呢? 目前的設定會顯示含有T、Z的格式

WISE-PaaS/DashboardMS232021-02-04 01:26:57.087Z
Explain icons...

請問WISE-PaaS/Dashboard如果要做數值或字串的if else判斷,並依結果顯示文字,有適合的Panel可以使用嗎? 另外在WISE-PaaS/Dashboard指南並無提供每個Panel的使用方式,WISE-PaaS Level I的教學影片也僅介紹少數幾種Panel,請問有相關資源可供參考嗎?

WISE-PaaS/DashboardMM222021-02-03 08:54:26.382Z
Datahub node does not add devices from the WebAccess project

My datahub does sync with the WebAccess project as the status goes green in project node but does not add the devices of the project automatically. Any help on this?

WISE-PaaS/DataHubKS2M232021-02-01 06:18:30.856Z
FAQ: How to Set Up KUBECONFIG on Windows

1. Download config file from the Management Portal

Docker & KubernetesN22020-12-15 03:36:00.054Z
Docker for Advantech ICT-3200

Is there a way to install Docker for the ICT-3200 gateway? Apparently it doesn't have ubuntu and there is no monitor output to install the ubuntu on the gateway. any advise?

Docker & KubernetesA12020-11-25 02:01:48.375Z
請問如何佈署struts2 JAVA web

Hi..請問.. 我在github下載佈署靜態網頁的文件,也成功開啟網頁。 現在我需要佈署JAVA base struts2. 支援jsp. 首頁是login.jsp . 查了些資料是需要nginx+tomcat.,若以靜態網頁的文件為範例, 我需要改哪些地方?或是有範例可以讓我參考呢?請大家幫忙..感恩!!

Docker & KubernetesJ12020-11-23 10:28:43.842Z
FAQ: How to install Edgelink in WISE-6610 (LoRa) for sending WISE-4610 data to WISE-PaaS / 如何透過 WISE-6610 (LoRa) 連結至WISE-PaaS

如何透過 WISE-6610 (LoRa) 連結至WISE-PaaS: How to install Edgelink in WISE-6610 (LoRa) for sending WISE-4610 data to WISE-PaaS: 1-3952257927_IAG_FAQ_WISE-4610_How to install Edgelink in WISE-6610 for sending WISE-4610 node data to WISE-PaaS_from AE Wendy.pd...

Advantech Edge ConnectionM212020-11-06 09:20:58.272Z

Hi.我在github下載文件並更改後.經過docker build/push, kubectl apply 後. 得到了一個link也成功顯示出網頁..不過今天想更新網頁先做了一個步驟: " kubectl delete -f k8s-config ",之後再重新佈署. 結果連帶其同樣的spacename下.所有的link都出現error.再也無法成功link網站.不知道哪裡出了問題.請問有人知道如何解決嗎??謝謝!!

Docker & KubernetesJS2M252020-11-04 08:30:33.804Z
Azure IoT Stream Analytics to WISE-PaaS

Hello all, is there any tutorial to connect service from Azure IoT Stream Analytics to WISE-PaaS/Dashboard? What kind of data format should we use?

WISE-PaaS/DashboardAM232020-10-20 09:12:46.054Z
How to add services

Hello, Could anyone help me with adding services to my workspace? I can't find this option anywhere, what user role is required to do so?

WISE-PaaS/DB ServicesU22020-10-19 01:48:18.200Z
pod一直显示Image pull backoff

您好,请问一下pod一直显示Image pull backoff,是哪的原因呢,请帮忙指导,多谢!

Training and CertificationE2S272020-10-19 01:43:05.724Z
Send data to postgresql

HI there, i have done using node-fetch to get data from api url, however i am having problem in sending data to postgresql, i am thinking using node-postgres to send data, but i not so familiar, can you suggest any other ways? Thank you.

Training and CertificationSM2S292020-10-16 02:20:50.363Z
FAQ: 如何利用研華 WISE-4000系列地端產品,連接WISE-PaaS DataHub上雲端?


Advantech Edge ConnectionM202020-10-12 09:32:06.189Z
InsightAPM & Wise-4000

How can I send the status of the Wise-4000 device to APM portal

WISE-PaaS/InsightAPMYM292020-10-12 09:21:32.247Z
FAQ: How to connect WISE-4000 Series (Edge Devices) to WISE-PaaS DataHub (Cloud)?


Advantech Edge ConnectionM202020-10-12 09:06:11.120Z
無法進入notification portal


Training and CertificationTM222020-10-07 05:28:49.686Z
Kubenertes Forbidden Server error

Hi, all, i have create docker hub account, then i push static image into it, but when i want to get all using kbs get all, i have server error , forbidden me to access. Can i know why?

Docker & KubernetesSM222020-10-05 06:14:28.454Z
Integrate SigFox Device to the WISE-PaaS Private Cloud

Hello All, i want to integrate client device that uses SigFox networks to be connected to the private cloud WISE-PaaS. Is this possible? If the client device has an MQTT client or RestAPI service, how to connect to our private WISE-PaaS cloud? We use...

WISE-PaaS/DB ServicesAA42020-10-01 05:19:16.160Z
Docker failed to check the status of default

Do not turn on hypervisor and VM together

Docker & KubernetesSM212020-09-29 09:17:22.349Z
Docker IP address

hi all, i trying to test the docker run hello-world in the quick start application, but it say cannot find ip address for machine. can please help? Thanks so much.

Docker & KubernetesSS2M232020-09-29 09:15:02.248Z
布署我的 “SSO Sample Code” 到 WISE-PaaS时 check login status问题

您好,我在布署 “SSO Sample Code” 到 WISE-PaaS时 sign in和sign out 都没有问题,但是check login status时,返回的信息 不是我账户的firstname和lastname,请帮忙指导一下,相关信息具体如下: 在main.js配置如下图:

Training and CertificationE222020-09-26 06:02:14.812Z
Node-Red, MQTT connection settings

Good evening, I'm using WISE-6610 as sensor gateway to receive data from WISE-4610 sensor node. After received the data from the sensor node, i'm trying to use Node-red to establish a MQTT connection by using the RabbitMQ secret provided in the names...

WISE-PaaS/DB ServicesYS232020-09-23 08:01:24.996Z
Restful API

Hi, may i know how can i perform http post request to my wise-4012 device ? Seems like we need certain credentials or authentication token to access control to it.

Advantech Edge ConnectionJM212020-09-23 02:44:23.091Z
Wise-4012 iSensing Mqtt setting

Hi, I'm facing problem when connecting rabbitmq mqtt service on my Wise-4012 device. I get my rabbitmq hostname, port, username and password from my service portal. When i using mqtt protocol, it show the error "WebSocket connection was unexpectedly ...

Advantech Edge ConnectionYY42020-09-14 03:48:46.283Z
cannot get the data from the data hub

the datahub doesnt show device 1 , i cannot get the data from the data hub.

WISE-PaaS/DataHubSM252020-09-10 06:58:21.807Z

最近操作Dashboard遇到以下問題想請教: 如何藉由點擊其中一個Panel中的表格透過參數去影響另一個HTML Panel的內容。如果不行,要怎麼在同一個Panel呈現列表跟HTML區塊,並透過這個列表來控制這個HTML載入內容。 目前使用認證所提供的Level 1命名空間的Dashboard進行實作練習,該如何開放Dashboard URL,讓任何人(包含未登入的人)可以瀏覽Dashboard的畫面及所有數據。 以上懇請得到解答,謝謝

WISE-PaaS/DashboardTM2S2202020-09-09 07:34:13.639Z
FAQ: How to make your Dashboard or SRP-Frame available to the public so the viewer does not have to log in to see the content

1. Set up anonymous authentication for the Org

WISE-PaaS/DashboardD02020-08-31 11:02:25.465Z
Datahub for local WISE-PaaS?

Hi All, I've downloaded all the training materials. Just curious, does every project with local WISE-PaaS need to configure node credential in Datahub in order to connect/read datasource? Can i just direct connect to the local webaccess tags and then...

WISE-PaaS/DataHubA32020-08-31 09:49:33.589Z
Cannot fill the parameter for Data Source

Hi, i want to setup dashboard in WISE-PaaS with data source from WebAccess. But when i tried to add data source and choose WebAccess, the parameter form like HTTP, Basic Auth, Webaccess Details cannot be filled manually. Then, when i tried to click S...

WISE-PaaS/DashboardAM2A122020-08-26 11:41:42.448Z
consult with level 1 dashboard

How to set the effect like color or icon change in column "Damage" and "Damage alert" on dashboard of the level 1, thanks.

WISE-PaaS/DashboardRM222020-08-25 06:26:55.538Z
Database Backup

PostgreSQL Backup and Restore:

WISE-PaaS/DB Services02020-08-24 06:38:41.948Z
How to share dashboard for public viewing?

I have created a dashboard to share with clients who do not have access to WISE-PaaS, but when the clients cannot see data in the panels: I'm using DataHub datasource, how make data viewable without login to WISE-PaaS?

WISE-PaaS/DashboardT12020-08-24 06:31:34.798Z
FAQ: How to Restart Dashboard App

When the users imported a new plugin in the Dashboard app, they will be prompt to restart the app for the change to take effect. Here I will describe how to restart the Dashboard app at the time of writing this little tip!

WISE-PaaS/Dashboard02020-08-24 03:22:42.223Z
FAQ: MongoDB and PostgreSQL Installation Tips

( EN )

WISE-PaaS/DB Services02020-08-21 05:34:25.764Z
FAQ: Work-arounds to connect to Shared Database Services from public network


WISE-PaaS/DB Services02020-08-21 05:34:01.840Z
FAQ: docker push — denied: requested access to the resource is denied


Docker & Kubernetes02020-05-04 08:06:13.905Z