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GeneralS02020-07-06 09:32:03.522Z
Training and Certification Support Ticket

Please visit Support Ticket if you encounter problems while taking Training and Certification.

General02020-07-06 07:26:08.195Z
How to Set Up KUBECONFIG on Windows

1. Download config file from the Management Portal Save the config file to the .kube folder under the user's home directory %HOME%\.kube. For example, C:\Users{YourAccount}.kube. Set up the system environment variable KUBECONFIG Open System Propertie...

General12020-08-04 06:31:40.486Z
APM create group error

Anyone has idea how to address this error issue during group creation in APM? Thank you!

InsightAPMJ22020-07-27 08:06:37.449Z
Comments for DataHub

Comments for:

DataHubSK32020-07-20 03:55:51.934Z
MongoDB and PostgreSQL Installation Tips

When installing MongoDB, remember to uncheck “install MongoDB Compass”. You don’t need to install MongoDB Compass. Once the MongoDB is installed, you may install the Robo 3T as your database client tool. MongoDB and Robo3T cannot be installed at the ...

Data Service02020-07-09 07:14:28.192Z
Database Backup

PostgreSQL Backup備份還原:备份还原.md MongoDB Backup備份還原:备份还原.md

General02020-07-06 09:35:21.073Z
Worldmap Card Panel

Hello, I'm developping on Grafana and want to know if we can add the Worldmap Card Panel plugin to Grafana instead of the Worldmap Panel plugin ? Your Worldmap Card Panel seems to be much more developp than the simple Worldmap Panel of Grafana. Thanks.

DashboardL12020-06-19 02:20:23.642Z
FAQ: How to Restart Dashboard App

When the users imported a new plugin in the Dashboard app, they will be prompt to restart the app for the change to take effect. Here I will describe how to restart the Dashboard app at the time of writing this little tip! 1 ) Locate your Dashboard d...

Dashboard02020-06-18 09:49:52.637Z
從外部訪問,並能連接 Shared Database Services 的替代方案

如果用戶訂閱 Shared Database Services 而無法使用外部管理工具連接 DataBase , 除了訂閱 Dedicated Database Services 之外,亦可以參考以下兩個 Github 範例: 以上兩個 project 提供了可從外部訪問,並能連接 Shared Database Servic...

Data Service02020-05-29 03:50:06.856Z
Explain icons...
How to share dashboard for public viewing?

I have created a dashboard to share with clients who do not have access to WISE-PaaS, but when the clients cannot see data in the panels: I'm using DataHub datasource, how make data viewable without login to WISE-PaaS?

Dashboard12020-05-04 08:32:36.940Z
Cannot create dashboard with training org

Hello, I can't see "+" nor settings icon on left panel. Am I missing some permission or is this related to problem with data source setup? I'm using Adv-training org.

Dashboard12020-05-04 08:23:06.420Z
FAQ: docker push — denied: requested access to the resource is denied

Question Why do I have this error when I am pushing the docker image? Answer The reason for this is that you are pushing a docker image to a Docker registry that does not belong to you. ensaas is our official Docker Hub registry so please make sure y...

General02020-05-04 08:06:13.905Z