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FAQ: MongoDB and PostgreSQL Installation Tips

( EN )

WISE-PaaS/DB Services02020-08-21 05:34:25.764Z
FAQ: Work-arounds to connect to Shared Database Services from public network


WISE-PaaS/DB Services02020-08-21 05:34:01.840Z
WISE-PaaS Support Ticket System

If you encounter platform issues or errors, please contact us through Support Ticket. We are here to fully support when you need it most.

General02020-08-21 03:39:32.263Z
Comments for DataHub

Comments for:

WISE-PaaS/DataHubSK32020-08-21 03:36:18.436Z

eks006-level2,杭州数据中心,环境变量KUBECONFIG设置了,github上下载的文件也将新加披对应杭州的部分进行了更改,build文件,然后push文件,如下图所示,在本人自己的dockerhub账户上已经显示被push上去了: 然后apply此文件,一切都很顺利好像,因为感觉和大家出现在了一个村里一样,如下图所示: 但是最后更改网址的时候,网页却无法显示应该有的图片内容: 那请问大家有人知道是怎么回事吗?

Training and CertificationWS2DW52020-08-20 06:43:00.916Z
APM create group error

Anyone has idea how to address this error issue during group creation in APM? Thank you!

WISE-PaaS/InsightAPMJ22020-07-27 08:06:37.449Z
Worldmap Card Panel

Hello, I'm developping on Grafana and want to know if we can add the Worldmap Card Panel plugin to Grafana instead of the Worldmap Panel plugin ? Your Worldmap Card Panel seems to be much more developp than the simple Worldmap Panel of Grafana. Thanks.

WISE-PaaS/DashboardL12020-06-19 02:20:23.642Z
Cannot create dashboard with training org

Hello, I can't see "+" nor settings icon on left panel. Am I missing some permission or is this related to problem with data source setup?, I'm using Adv-training org.

WISE-PaaS/Dashboard12020-05-04 08:23:06.420Z
FAQ: docker push — denied: requested access to the resource is denied


Docker & Kubernetes02020-05-04 08:06:13.905Z
Explain icons...