[Innoworks 2022] Dashboard - Can't query MongoDB

Hi! I would like to ask about querrying MongoDB from dashboard. Here is my MongoDB. I noticed that there is 1 data in default so I will use that for testing.

This is the query I tried in the Advance Datatable visualization

Thank you.

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Hi Julius,

If you want Dashboard to use MongoDB database, you need to deploy MongoDB-API first.
Connect to the MongoDB database by providing MongoDB’s API proxy application and then perform summary queries on the data.
Only aggregate syntax is supported to connect mongodb to data source.

You can refer to this technical document:

I think the part of mongo-api app deployment might be some difficult, because you need to have K8S technical ability. Maybe we can help you. Which namespace are you using? Thanks.

Hi Mr. Huang!

Thank you for your reply. The namespace we’re using is innoworks8. I also found that the interfaces between SA Management Portal and Education version are different. I’m trying to follow the technical document you provided, but in my Management Portal I couldn’t find a way to create a new service as instructed in the documentation. Thanks!

I found the page to create a new instance, but unfortunately I don’t have the permission to create one.

Hi @julius ,

We have already deployed “dashboard-mongodb-api” to your team namespace.

You can continue to refer the steps after step 4.
MongoDB | WISE-IoTSuite/Dashboard | Technical Documentation | Advantech

In theory, you should be able to use mongodb data directly on the Dashboard. You can try it out.

Yes, now I can show the data from MongoDB on the dashboard. Thank you for your help! Really appreciate your guidance.

Hi! Sorry to bother you again. Just a momment ago, I can’t access the database again. After I put some dataset into the MongoDB, I tried to query the data in the dashboard. But then I got some error. I tried to reconnect the the API again, but I failed with this error:

I’m not sure whether the api service is down because of the number of data in the MongoDB, or something is wrong. But before with the same setting and default data, I could already query and show the data (only 1 dummy data ).


We will replace your mongodb-api url with a new url, the connection is successful

Thank you for your help! However, I still got an error trying to display the data.

Is there any limitation of number of data that can be displayed on the dashboard?


You are in the innoworks training space, so DB cannot load users to fetch too much historical data at one time. I see your data in mongodb again on 2018/7/12, please directly select that interval

Hello, our group have same problem with the one with this post, can our group (innoworks-11) also ask for access to the mongodb dashboard, our issue is exactly the same with this problem


Thank you for the information! I will directly select the interval.

HI Muhammad_Ryanda_Nugr

Mongodb-api is just a proxy, so the space in the same domain can be shared
Note:your mongodb detail is wrong