Origin of Interval in Dashboard

  1. The maxDatapoints value comes from the fact that it is calculated according to the procedure shown below, and its value is determined by the combination of the width of the current browser window and the width of the panel in the grid system, as follows.

  2. Origin of the interval

  • The value of the interval in the way we are using it now comes from the fact that it is based on (end time - start time)/maxDatapoints in the top right-hand corner, and then look at what zone the value is in before doing the final calculation, something like the following.

  • Some data sources support the configuration of the interval, in this case, the interval is the value you configure, now influxdb, PostgreSQL, etc. support their own configuration of interval.

  • You can customize the interval in the panel when the interval is the set value (the value of the set interval can’t exceed 5000 points of the datapoint sent down eventually when it exceeds 5000 points it clears the set interval and then prompts you to set how much interval is appropriate)

This is the type of information, I have long been looking for and thanks to you for sharing this information.