What are the main functions of AppHub and what scenarios are it applicable to?

WISE-IoTSuite/AppHub is a remote device and system management service, is a web-based solution for remote device and system management. It provides software deployment and OTA, real-time monitoring and event alarm features, and system control/setting functions for industrial edge devices with Windows, Linux, or Android systems. These features improve operation and maintenance efficiency, saving labor, time, and money.

Feature Highlights

• Manage devices using Windows, Linux, and Android systems
• Device runtime status overview dashboard
• Real-time remote device runtime status monitoring
• Event alarm and notification features
• Device grouping and management
• Private App store
• Software deployment and OTA (exe, zip, .tar.gz, deb, docker, apk, OS)
• Docker deployment and monitoring
• Remote desktop and remote console
• Remote system settings • Kiosk mode settings
• Multi task deployment in batch
• Zero-touch enrollment
• mobile applications to receive event notification
• server supports public cloud, private cloud, local server, virtual machine
WISE-IoTSuite/AppHub Technical Documentation