Advanced Datatable with Link URL to pass time and other parameters into the jumping page

  1. open the Column Styles or Row Styles of the datatable for the Dashboard for columns or rows

    Configure the jump link in the Add Link position, e.g. Dashboardcell 1 (where $__cell_0 means take the value of column 1; $__cell_1 means take the value of column 2, and so on, and $__cell_i means take the data of column i-1 (the subscript starts at 0))

  2. At this point you need to set the relevant parameters in the variables in advance on the page you are jumping to, to ensure that the parameters passed in for both parts are available on the second page you are jumping to.
    Original link.
    For example, the values fetched are 111,222,333

    The link to jump, the variables of the jump link should also contain the parameters in the figure above to ensure that the required data can be obtained.

  3. then bind to the part of the jump screen that requires the use of variables
    This allows the value corresponding to the one you want to pass over to be taken and used as a parameter to the URL, and when jumping to the next page you can get the value of the parameter in the address bar by means of a variable.
    (1) Firstly, the variable on the URL has changed
    (2) The value of the corresponding variable position has also changed
    (3) The location where the bind variable wishes to be displayed requires the use of & + the name of the variable to display the variable

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