How to bind MongoDB data source to SaaS Composer?

Hello, I am Nam, currently managing a system of WISEPaaS Datahub + SaaS Composer + Dashboard. My question is how can I bind my MongoDB data source to SaaS composer?

Also, I would like to build a floor plan like the below using WISEPaaS. The interference rate should be real time and being updated from my MongoDB database. Could you please give me the best solution to do? Thank you

SaaS Composer currently does not directly support MongoDB data sources. When users subscribe to Datahub, they can choose which database to store, Mongodb, InfluxDB

It is recommended that you upload the data to Datahub, and then grab the data in Datahub to SaaS Composer.

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Thank you for your response, it is very helpful

I decided to use Dashboard directly to show floor plan. Do you know which visualization is the best to display the floor map with their (x, y) axis? I’m using Picturelt but it seems not so flexible to get the axis.

Thank you!

Hi Nam

Maybe you can describe the way you want to present it and let’s discuss further how to solve it?

I actually want to show the floor plan map on the Dashboard, in which I will display our WiFi AP in their exact (x ,y) axis.
For further work I will bind the interference data from MongoDB to the AP and it will show on the map in grean yellow or red colors, as described in the pic below (which I used SaaS Composer).

Could you please advice which is the best option for this work? Thank you

Hi Nam

Please give us your saas composer url 、your org name, thanks


Thanks for your consultation so far, I found the way to solve this problem :blush: