Advantech's Development Core lvl.1 problem


My name is Duy, I am taking the Advantech’s Development Core lvl.1 course, and it seems like I have some problems obtaining the space authority in the terminal. My “Namespaces” tag doesn’t display the “Cluster” resources as shown in the lessons, so I am having trouble advancing to the next step. May I ask what have I done incorrectly? Or is there any failure in the system? I am looking forward to receiving some help from the IoT Academy Support Center, thank you for your consideration.

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Hi Duy,
Please login SSO and try again, thanks.

Could you change another browser to try?
Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Yes, I changed to another browser and it worked, thank you!

Vào Th 7, 4 thg 2, 2023 vào lúc 09:57 jacey xiao via WISE-IoT Forum <> đã viết:

I also have the same problem