[Innoworks 2023]: Developer-Error when deploying the SSO frontend

I am currently trying to deploy a frontend integration for my web application in the WISE-PaaS AIoT competition when I encounter this issue (see image). I am using a WISE-PaaS account with namespace tqvinh and cluster ews. Hope that you can help!

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Did you change your namespace to “tqvinh” in the ingress.yaml file?
Also, the config file needs to change it to your namespace.
or maybe you can show part of the related code so that we can know the problem~

Yes i did change my namespace and also the cluster
This is the code in my ingress.yaml file

Also here are my others config file such as cluster-ip.yaml and deployment.yaml

Ingress file
try to :

  1. add namespace after line6, like:

name: sso-frontend-hd-trung
namespace: tqvinh

  1. delete or comment line 9:

kubernetes.io/ingress.class: nginx
# nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/rewrite-target: /$1

It seems that there aren’t any error in deployment and cluster file, maybe you can check the ingress file first, let’s see whether the kubernetes can apply the k8s folder.

I tried what you recommended, this time the namespace appeared but it still didnt work out