Issue with changing mqtt uri prefix?

Trying to write an android application that connects to an mqtt broker to subscribe and publish topics. Found out that the Java library (paho mqtt library: Paho MQTT C Client Library: MQTTClient_connectOptions Struct Reference) only accepts uris that start with ‘tcp://’ or ‘ssl://’. The mqtt uri in the rabbitMQ secret starts with the prefix mqtt:// unable to use it in the application at the moment.

Is there a way to get a uri that starts with ‘tcp://’?
Have tried just changing the prefix of the existing rabbitMQ uri from mqtt to tcp, but that ends up with the application crashing.

According to the documentation, the format of URIs should be like this:
And the host should be the “host” in the rabbitMQ secret, e.g
So the full URI should be tcp://