[Tutorial] How to use WISE-PaaS Blob service

How to use the WISE-PaaS Blob service

Blob service Introduction

  • Support S3 API (S3 Compatible Storage)
  • Stores files for AIFS, AutoML training. e.g Images or Jupyter Notebook code files.
  • Stores models trained by AIFS.
  • AIFS can directly connect to blob by credentials to access training files.


Create Bucket and upload files

  • Buckets are the place to store objects in the blob, think of it as a file folder.
  • Click the “New bucket” in S3 Browser and name the bucket.
  • Drag-and-drop the file into the S3 browser to upload files

Please notice:

  • Please don’t upload files that are not related to this program.
  • The files on the blob service will be deleted after the program, please backup the files uploaded to the blob service.