How to make your Dashboard or SRP-Frame available to the public so the viewer does not have to log in to see the content

1. Set up anonymous authentication for the Org

First, log in to the WISE-PaaS/Dashbaord as Admin .

Go to Server Admin > Settings .

Then, scroll down to the auth.anonymous section.

  • Set the enabled property to true
  • org_name : Add the name of the org that has the dashboards you want to make public
  • org_role : Set the permission level that you want to apply. We recommend that you set this to Viewer if you only want to demonstrate your dashboard. Otherwise, others might change your dashboard configuration.

Click the refresh button on the top-right corner to update the setting.

Now, your dashboard can already be viewed from outside of your development team. However, there is a little bit of configuration that we need to set up for the data to be accessible.

2. Set up an account in the datasource as an “anonymous” account

This account, by default, should have the permission to access the database, which can be Postgresql, MongoDB, Influx, and so on. And it will “represent” the viewer from outside to get the data. This way, the viewer will NOT have direct access to the datasource. Instead, they will see the data through the anonymous account’s eyes.

For example, my account is allowed to access the DataHub service, so I can put my account here in the datasource as the anonymous account, and it will be the one who retrieves the data from the datasource and hand it over to the dashboard.

As shown in the following screenshot, check the Anonymous option and input the credentials below,

From this point, any viewer who has the link to the dashboard can see the graph related to the datasource that you just set up.

How about the SRP-Frame? You just need one more step.

3. Configuration in the SRP-FRame

Go to the SRP-Frame Management page, click the SRP-Frame that you want to manipulate, and click System Configure .

Set the loginLougout property to false .

Now you can share your SRP-Frame with anyone by sending the link, and they don’t need to log in to see your work. Enjoy it!