How to Restart Dashboard App

When the users imported a new plugin in the Dashboard app, they will be prompt to restart the app for the change to take effect.
Here I will describe how to restart the Dashboard app at the time of writing this little tip!

1. Locate your Dashboard deployment with kubectl.

If no namespace is set with the current-context, be sure to add “-n {namespace name}” at the end of the kubectl command, i.e.
$kubectl get deploy -n mynamespace :

Dashboard app’s deployment name should be “dashboard” once you have found where the Dashboard is deployed, we can restart it in the next step.

2. Use this command to restart Dashboard:

$kubectl rollout restart deployment/{mydashboard} -n {myspace} , where {mydashboard} should be replaced with the deployment name of your Dashboard app, and {myspace} should be replaced with your namespace containing the Dashboard, i.e.:

3. Use this command to check the ready status of the Dashboard app.

$kubectl get deploy -n {namespace name}